Textual report by the Chairman, Ambassador Luzius Wasescha, on the state of play of the NAMA negotiations





21 April 2011

Original  Addendum

See also United States  proposal to Negotiating Group on Non-Agricultural Market Access (NGMA).

On international standards, the idea of legally strengthening the six TBT Committee Principles for the Development of International Standards to better facilitate the cooperation between standard setting bodies and the TBT Committee is generally well received.  Indeed Members also agree that the negotiations should ensure better participation of developing country representatives in international standard setting bodies. Whilst the idea of further promoting the use of relevant international standards is welcomed, a certain number of Members are opposed to the idea that the TBT Agreement should mention expressis verbis standard setting bodies. 


Brainstorming and small group consultations need to be pursued to reach agreement in this area.  Informal discussions brought also forward the idea of a Forum where international standard setting bodies, national regulators, private sector representatives (standard users) and trade policy members meet on a regular basis.  Such an approach could be included in a TBT-related decision.  


The proposals on which discussions have been based are:  the ACP paper in JOB /MA/80; Korea 's proposal in JOB /MA/83, a proposal from the EU, India , Indonesia , Norway , Philippines , Switzerland and Thailand in TN/MA/W/142, a proposal from the United States in TN/MA/W/141. (see also United States  proposal to Negotiating Group on Non-Agricultural Market Access (NGMA).   The US proposal believes proposals that name specific standardizing bodies  would undermine the principles of a  Committee Decision, and put the World Trade Organization (WTO) in the position of picking winners and losers  )   A very recent document has been submitted by the ACP group ( JOB /MA/88) which would need to be discussed.

5.         The contributions on transparency, international standards and conformity assessment were derived from sectoral proposals and complemented by the framework of industry-specific NTB proposals.  Members will have to decide inter alia whether (1) there will be a specific horizontal decision on these issues in all sectors; or (2) only for sectors that have been introduced in the NTB negotiations; or (3) parallel identical provisions on these issues for the sectors under examination. This will need further discussions in the Negotiating Group.



ANNEX D - Structure of the NTB package


6.         The way I would see the NTB package structured is attached in Annex D for further discussion.






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